Paul Pfau

Singer-Songwriter | Pop Rock


1 year ago (yesterday) I released my debut album "Happy To Be" and then ended up with a nodule on my vocal chord shortly after. I cancelled all of my remaining 2013 dates and didn't get to play the record out like I had been hoping to. Luckily, the nodule mysteriously vanished in October, the day before my scheduled surgery, and in January 2014 I returned with the incredible support of all my family, friends, and fans. You guys are the best!

It is with your support that I raised $16K on Kickstarter to finish my record. It is with your support my record won a Washington Area Music Award for the Best Debut Album. It is with your support that I can have 12 people volunteer to use their iPhones to help me make a music video at a live show. Its been 3 months since I have been back in the saddle and I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate you coming on this journey with me and sharing in these moments. Cheers!

And now, without further adieu... the official music video for "Happy To Be" which was shot using only iPhones at the Bright Box Theater in Winchester, VA to a sold out crowd on February 8th, 2014.

Thank you to the following friends/fans for contributing footage:

CJ Smargie

The Robinson's (Will, Marianne & Paula)

Tom Coates

Terrie Houk Sheaffer

Jeremy Gorman

Ana Lopez

Jeni Blessman

Ted & Jean Pfau

Another BIG thanks to Don Kim for editing the footage together.