Paul Pfau

Singer-Songwriter | Pop Rock

4 Nominations for the 2014 Washington Area Music Awards (Wammies)

So this past Tuesday I received an email (and a bunch of Facebook notifications!) notifying me that I had been nominated for 4 Washington Area Music Association (WAMA) Awards. I couldn't make an official announcement from the road because I don't travel with a computer and the iPhone app for my website is not the most intuitive! Anyway... here are the nominations:

Pop Rock Vocalist
Pop Rock Instrumentalist
Pop Rock Recording: "Happy To Be"
Debut Recording: "Happy To Be"

A big thanks is due to anyone who nominated me for these awards! It's gratifying & humbling to be recognized by the other members of my hometown music community.

Hope to see you out on the road! Take care and thanks again (as ALWAYS) for your continued support!